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Quantum Leap Success in Dentistry is able to obtain the best practice growth results in the industry for two reasons. The first reason is obvious; the time tested, proven business systems developed and perfected by Dr. Mike Kesner over the past 20 years. And the results speak for themselves.

The second reason for our clients’ success is the quality of our coaches. With decades of combined experience in the areas of dental consulting, clinical dentistry, corporate finance, health care administration, entrepreneurship, practice management, education, leadership, and training, our industry leading coaches bring a level of experience and expertise to your practice that is unparalleled in the dental practice management world. With our coaches delivering Dr. Kesner’s systems in a unique and exciting manner, you will witness record growth levels that are seen nowhere else in dentistry.

As soon as you’ve engaged Quantum Leap to be your practice management consulting partner, we conduct a very thorough interview process to determine your practice barriers, doctor and team personality, and preferences. We then hand-pick the coach that best fits your specific practice and create a customized engagement in order for you to receive the most incredible consulting experience possible.

Why would you settle for anything less? You shouldn’t.

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